Vol 10 No 2 (2018): EDM Journal Track Special Issue

Special issue of the EDM 2018 conference journal track.

Min Chi and Irena Koprinska, Editors


Published: 2018-10-25

Editorial Acknowledgements and Introduction to the Special Issue on EDM Journal Track

Min Chi, Irena Koprinska; Andrew Olney
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Page i-ii

EDM 2018 Journal Track

dAFM: Fusing Psychometric and Connectionist Modeling for Q-matrix Refinement

Zachary A. Pardos, Anant Dadu
Abstract 114 | PDF Downloads 222

Page 1-27

Deep Learning vs. Bayesian Knowledge Tracing: Student Models for Interventions

Ye Mao, Chen Lin, Min Chi
Abstract 285 | PDF Downloads 359

Page 28-54

Page 55-92