Vol 5 No 2 (2013)

Published: 2013-07-25


Properties of the Bayesian Knowledge Tracing Model*

Brett van de Sande
Abstract 364 | PDF Downloads 552

Page 1-10

A First Step in Learning Analytics: Pre-processing Low-Level Alice Logging Data of Middle School Students

Linda Werner, Charlie McDowell, Jill Denner
Abstract 433 | PDF Downloads 474

Page 11-37

Clustering Educational Digital Library Usage Data: A Comparison of Latent Class Analysis and K-Means Algorithms

Beijie Xu, Mimi Recker, Xiaojun Qi, Nicholas Flann, Lei Ye
Abstract 443 | PDF Downloads 506

Page 38-68

Beacon- and Schema-Based Method for Recognizing Algorithms from Students Source Code

Ahmad Taherkhani, Lauri Malmi
Abstract 408 | PDF Downloads 108

Page 69-101

Toward a Framework for Learner Segmentation

Bahareh Azarnoush, Jennifer M. Bekki, George C. Runger, Bianca L. Bernstein, Robert K. Atkinson
Abstract 414 | PDF Downloads 190

Page 102-126