Accepted manuscripts in pre-published form. The version of record will be published in September 2021.


Issue Information

Special issue of the EDM 2021 conference journal track, Olga Santos and Amal Zouaq, Editors

Table of Contents

Editorial Acknowledgments and Introduction to the Special Issue for the EDM Journal Track

Olga Santos and Amal Zouaq

Extending Adaptive Spacing Heuristics to Multi-Skill Items

Benoît Choffin, Fabrice Popineau, and Yolaine Bourda

Affect, Support and Personal Factors: Multimodal Causal Models of One-on-one Coaching

Lujie Karen Chen, Joseph Ramsey, and Artur Dubrawski

Mapping Python Programs to Vectors using Recursive Neural Encodings

Benjamin Paaßen, Jessica McBroom, Bryn Jeffries, Irena Koprinska, and Kalina Yacef